Jill Cox

Jill Cox

Patient and Carer Support - Facilitating Compassionate Communities

‘To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken.’ – C. S. Lewis

In less than four and a half years between 2007 and early 2012, Jill experienced the death of her Dad, her Step Dad in Law and her Mum in Law. This was her first experience of supporting close family members as they came towards the end of their lives. It was an education.

Using the knowledge and skills she developed during this time, Jill wanted to make a positive difference to others experiencing similar situations – caring for a love one with a life limiting illness. In conjunction with a local charity, she set up a volunteer befriending project supporting both the person with a life limiting illness and their relatives, helping them to live as well as possible. Through providing practical, emotional and where appropriate, spiritual support, volunteers aim to help those they visit improve the quality of their life – a cosy chat, accompanied visits to the local community and giving the caring relative a regular, well-deserved break among some of the befriending activities. This project is currently delivered through St. Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice.

Jill has also been a trustee of The End of Life Partnership in Cheshire. This organisation aims to transform end of life experience and care. Through their training and education, Jill has further developed her knowledge and skills.

Moments of Meaning – Living Life While Facing Death

‘Moments of Meaning – Living Life Whilst Facing Death’ is Jill’s new short book aimed at supporting an individual who has just found out that their loved one has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness. Read More…