I’ve recently decided to provide phone coaching support for those who are caring for a relative in the last phase of life. I’ve titled the support Compassionate Coaching for Carers. 

When my Dad’s health was rapidly declining in 2007, I really felt clueless about what to ask medical staff. I missed a crucial opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with Dad when he raised the subject of his declining health. Only a few weeks later, he died.

What I craved for was a friend to talk to, who had time and relevant experience. I’m now offering that service to those who feel it would be a relevant support.

I have provided this support to relatives of those I’ve volunteered and worked with over the years. One relative said ‘Words cannot express the gratitude I have for all Jill has done for me. The last six months have been the hardest of my life and I genuinely feel I could not have got through them without her. Jill’s patience, knowledge, common sense, insight and kindness have been amazing.’

The support I offer is tailored to each individual. This is based on a free initial conversation. By understanding each person’s set of circumstances, the support I provide can be as relevant and cost effective as possible. I can use the experience I’ve gained in my work, volunteering and writing since my dad died 12 years ago. I accompany each person as they experience the last phase of their loved one’s life.

Similar support is available free of charge through most hospices. So if paying for this support is an issue, contact your local hospice to find out what they can offer. However, if you feel Compassionate Coaching might be for you, message me via my contact page to arrange an initial phone conversation.