Recently, my husband and I registered Lasting Power of Attorney documentation and completed Advance Decisions. Putting plans in place gave us peace of mind.

In the event of either of us losing the ability to represent ourselves, the LPAs allow each of us to:

  • manage financial/property issues
  • represent each other’s health/welfare wishes

We have also recorded our wishes, through Advance Decision, to refuse treatments if we are diagnosed with life limiting illness.

Putting Plans in Place

By putting plans in place now, we can live our lives fully in the knowledge that we are clear about each other’s wishes. We have confidence that should we need to speak for the other person, their wishes are recorded and we will be listened to.

Our daughter was also involved in this process, in case anything prevents me or my husband taking up the attorney role. She is also fully aware of our wishes and has the legal backing now to speak on our behalf.

My husband and I hope both of us retain our capacity to the end of our lives. However, if either of us loses capacity, we know our wishes will be fully represented.

The above processes were relatively straight forward to complete. The Lasting Power of Attorney information can be found at Full instructions of what you need to do are given. It currently costs £82 to register each LPA (Property and Financial Affairs + Health and Welfare) so a total of £164 for each person.

Advanced Decision

I recorded my Advance Decision via This site took me through online questions, helping record wishes to refuse treatments and document personal circumstances. I can access this and edit my wishes at any time. The site even sends a reminder to review wishes after 2 years.

Some people use a solicitor to help them with these two processes, along with having a will written. If your circumstances are complex or you feel you need reassurance or support, there are solicitors who specialize in this.